Proportions of boric acid and yolk from cockroaches: control method, effect on insects

Proportions of boric acid and yolk from cockroaches
Proportions of boric acid and yolk from cockroaches

Welcome to my page! There are a lot of tools to fight cockroaches, and, interestingly, if in one place some tool does not work, in another it can act simply on “cheers”.

One way or another, it depends on the immunity of the cockroaches that you have to fight. Take boric acid, for example. Sometimes it does not care for cockroaches, but more often it produces a very good effect.

The main thing is to observe the correct proportions of boric acid and yolk, and then there will be no trace of cockroaches. I tell you how to cook this simple, but very effective tool in the right way. All the details are in my material for you!

The content of the article:

Boric acid and cockroach yolk

One of the most ancient insects on earth can be called cockroaches. They are red or albinos, large and not very, however, they are equally unpleasant for a person, and living with them in the neighborhood does not appeal at all.

These pests are excellent opportunists. They penetrate into homes in a variety of ways and can perfectly survive in any conditions. And the worst part is that they can multiply very quickly, and the survival rate is extremely high.

Black and red cockroaches in the apartment were always a problem for its owners, which they wanted to solve as quickly as possible. People are ready to use all possible methods, just to drive away baleen pests.

The fact is that, in addition to an aesthetically unpleasant appearance, they carry a certain danger to human health.Moving wherever they want, they carry a lot of bacteria and microbes on their paws.

Then they get to the dining table and dishes. Therefore, the fight against the Prussians is a very necessary measure. The process of expelling cockroaches is very time-consuming and does not always end positively.

Harmful insects learned pretty well to adapt to all kinds of poisons. What mankind has not invented in the fight against this scourge! And along with special preparations popular methods are also popular.

Leading positions are occupied by products, the main component of which is boric acid. Its relevance is due to the effectiveness of the application and the composition safe for humans.

But in order to get rid of cockroaches in the apartment forever, you should deal with their destruction as soon as they are found, otherwise you can’t do without strong and toxic substances.

Today, there are many different ways to do this. We will further consider how to get rid of cockroaches in the house using boric acid.

Boric acid and its characteristic

Before using this drug to kill pests, you need to understand what it is. Boric acid is a colorless powder, somewhat similar to flakes.

The powder can hardly be dissolved in water, and also it is absolutely tasteless and odorless. Relative security allows people to actively use it in their needs.

Basically, acid is an indispensable helper in the fight with cockroaches. Use the powder as a poison - you can use it in its pure form, you can prepare bait by mixing it with various food products.

Acid is sold in any pharmacy, packaged in bags of 10 grams. Due to the lack of smell, the drug can be imperceptibly put into the bait without scaring off the Prussians.

This is the method of pest control. Let us further consider what recipes exist with boric acid from cockroaches.

The effect that boric acid has on cockroaches

Scientists have revealed that this chemical has the most detrimental effect on insects, being a pure poison for them.

After eating it, the insect after a while becomes completely paralyzed and dies from suffocation. Therefore, in order to achieve a result, it is necessary to make the pest eat acid.

To destroy cockroaches in the apartment, one small package is enough - it will be enough to bring out a whole horde of mustached guests.

There are several different methods for dealing with harmful neighbors:

  • Boric acid can be used in pure form.
  • Use various baits where boric acid is the main component.
  • Apply powder solutions in the form of poison.

Often it is not necessary to use the substance in the form of poison. Repeatedly, practice has shown that scattering acid in places of accumulation and movement of the Prussians is quite enough.

For example, often they are under baseboards. Moreover, the cockroach just needs to run through the powder, and the chemical particles remaining on its paws will fall into the shelter. And when he will clean the paws, the destructive powder will fall into his stomach - and the result is guaranteed.

The main thing is to exclude the possibility for him to get the liquid, because with a large consumption of water there is a chance that the insect will survive. Consider how to use boric acid from cockroaches. The recipe is very simple.

Instructions for use

Algorithm of actions:

  • Of course, the first thing to do is to purchase a bag of acid in a pharmacy.
  • Then carefully prepare for the exile of the mustachioed guests. Dry endure the sink, restricting cockroaches access to water.
  • Close the taps so tightly to avoid the slightest possibility of leakage.
  • Hide all wet wipes and sponges.
  • Next, lay out the bait in places where the Prussians mainly live.

There are many recipes for its preparation. A mixture of boric acid and yolk is often used - it helps a lot from cockroaches.

To prepare the bait, it is customary to use only the yolk. It helps to remove the smell of acid and arouses the appetite of pests.

Although it seems to the person that the drug does not smell, thanks to the delicate sense of smell, the cockroach will smell it. Consider a few simple ways to prepare deadly treats for unwanted neighbors.

Raw Yolk Recipe

A very easy way to get rid of cockroaches in the house. The proportion of boric acid and yolk is as follows: you need to take one raw yolk and mix with 50 grams of boric acid until you get a thick porridge.

Then form small balls from it and place them in the places of accumulation of insects. Previously, everywhere you need to remove water, including in the sink.

Boric acid, potatoes and yolk

A very effective remedy for cockroaches. Potatoes, yolk, boric acid - its main components - the ingredients are simple, there is in every home. First you need to boil one egg and potatoes.

After that, peel the finished products and grind in mashed potatoes. Equal proportions of boric acid and yolk should be observed.

Mix the resulting mass with a tablespoon of boric acid, and then form balls. Arrange the finished bait in the corners and do not forget about the dry surface throughout the kitchen.

Egg yolk boric acid recipe

This remedy also works well against cockroaches. Boil a hard-boiled egg, then get the yolk and knead it with a fork.

Add to it 30 grams of acid and a little vegetable oil for flavor. Blind the balls again and place the parasites in their favorite places.

Raw Yolk and Sugar Recipe

So, we need some sugar, boric acid and yolk. Poison from cockroaches is done as follows. Break the egg and pour 30 grams of the substance into it.

Then put 50 grams of sugar and mix until smooth. In order to make balls convenient, you can add a small amount of flour. Further, as in the previous recipes, we lay them out wherever there may be pests.

It is very important to make your new “pets” hungry and pounce on the treats. To do this, keep clean, do not leave crumbs and other food products, and also take out the trash on time.

If this is not done, then all efforts can be completely in vain, and the balls will still remain untouched. The proportions can be increased in proportion to the area of ​​the room.

After the Prussians taste this masterpiece, they will die a few days later. Before this, cockroaches become slower and begin to catch your eye even in the afternoon.

Boric acid and yolk help with cockroaches, but when using this tool, some rules should be observed.

Rules that must be observed when using boric acid in the fight against cockroaches

The edible bait should be laid out for at least a week, and if, after the lapse of time, the balls have remained intact, they should be replaced with new ones.

Never use boric acid in the form of alcohol. It has a very pungent odor that will repel insects with a well-developed sense of smell.

To enhance the effect of baits, you can sprinkle powder tracks in places where pests are most often found. Be sure to do this in the bathroom and under the sink, as cockroaches stretch to the water.

Advantages of the substance

An absolute plus, judging by the reviews, is the cost of acid, which is several times inferior to other substances. Also the advantages of the substance:

  1. The drug helps not only destroy uninvited guests, but also contributes to their sterilization, which excludes the option of their subsequent reproduction.
  2. It does not have any smell, which makes the substance a fairly comfortable pest control method for households.
  3. Preparation of the bait does not require special skills, takes little time and does not require additional protective equipment.
  4. It poses virtually no danger to humans.

Substance deficiencies

So, we found out that boric acid and yolk from cockroaches is a very effective and fairly cheap method of combating cockroaches. But there are also some nuances here.

For a fatal outcome, a sufficient amount of acid must accumulate in the body of a cockroach. In time it can take from 1 to 3 weeks, and this is a considerable period.

The obvious minus of the substance is that it does not have any effect on insect eggs. To combat them, more powerful tools, such as liquid concentrates, are needed.

In addition, if we compare boric acid and crayons or gels, then only individuals who have had direct contact with the powder can be poisoned.

Do not forget that the insect will bypass the poison side if it is poured with too large heaps. In addition, there are cases when the drug was completely ineffective due to frequent use.

Cockroaches quickly get used to and adapt to the poison. Despite its recognized effectiveness, the substance helps in about half the cases.

Safety Precautions When Using Boric Acid Poison

Despite the fact that the drug is called “acid”, it has nothing to do with the usual understanding of the word. It is harmless to the skin and leaves no burns.

The chemical is considered not particularly dangerous for children or pets. Previously, it was even used as an antiseptic. But it often caused an allergy, and soon it was replaced by more suitable means.

If we compare it with other poisons for the persecution of cockroaches, it should be said about its safety for the human body. Nevertheless, for children under three years of age, contact with boric acid is strictly contraindicated.

If it happens that a pet accidentally eats the bait, then nothing fatal will happen to him, but this is better not to be allowed.

Pregnant and lactating women, people with kidney failure and inflammatory skin diseases should also not interact with this drug.

If the incident could not be avoided, the person will be able to observe symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, skin rash, and headaches.

Prevention of a new infection

If it was possible to remove pests from their apartment, it is not a fact that they will not return again. This is especially true for situations when mustached neighbors live in the next room. To prevent re-colonization of cockroaches, the following recommendations should be observed:

  • In a place where communications are concentrated, it is sometimes advisable to do prophylaxis with boron powder.
  • Periodically lay out fresh bait from a mixture of acid and chicken yolk.
  • Keep your house tidy and clean.


Having ascertained all the pros and cons of using boric acid and yolk from cockroaches, we can safely say that this tool is the most safe and affordable, and the bait from it is made easily and does not interfere with the inhabitants of the house.

But do not forget that this method will only help if there are few pests in the house. If the Prussians are everywhere, it is best to immediately seek professional help and not waste time in a useless struggle.

Boric acid from cockroaches recipe with egg

To poison cockroaches with boric acid is a reliable and proven method for generations. It is still popular in rural areas, but urban residents prefer chemical products containing insecticides.

Perhaps they really will be more effective, but they have their drawbacks, and those that have exclusively positive sides are not very cheap, which dramatically reduces their value.

What a magic powder

Boric acid was previously very popular as a disinfectant.But if for a person it is at least safe, and at least it is also useful, then for cockroaches this substance threatens with a complete loss of legal capacity.

Even in small amounts, the powder of this acid causes a powerful intoxication in baleen pests, and balls eaten in large quantities lead to paralysis of the insect muscles and subsequent death.

Since the acid itself does not have the slightest appeal for cockroaches, it is kneaded with other, more mouth-watering ingredients, to lure the cockroaches into a death trap. This tool has an undeniable plus: boric acid balls are absolutely harmless to children and pets.

Of course, it’s not necessary to specifically allow your four-legged friends to absorb balls, as well as to allow children to eat from the floor. But if one or two cockroaches “delicacies” are accidentally eaten, nothing critical will happen.

Boric powder can be purchased at almost any pharmacy. In addition to the powder, this product is still sold in the form of alcohol, it is called boron alcohol.

Boric alcohol is much less effective against cockroaches than boric acid powder. The thing is that cockroaches scare off the smell of alcohol in itself, therefore, a product based on it will scare off cockroaches with its aroma, but will not destroy it.

To poison one cockroach, approximately 2-3 mg of acid is needed, and a bag of this powder contains 10 grams. By simple calculations, we can safely say that one bag is enough to send thousands of individuals to the next world.

But it is worth considering that not all of the used product will get to its intended purpose, so in practice it is better to stock up with large reserves of magic powder.

There are cases when the funds with boric acid did not give any effect. This can be explained by the fact that the powder did not get to its intended purpose, was used incorrectly, in the wrong quantities, etc. There is another reason.

Cockroaches, like any creature (especially those subject to mass destruction) evolve and adapt to various poisons and conditions of survival.

If you are not lucky enough to encounter one of the above options, then it is better to apply a more powerful agent containing insecticides to the mustachioed pests (the poisons of German manufacturers are especially good).

In addition to cockroaches, a tool with boric acid will help you eliminate ants, if any, at home. But poison bugs in this way, unfortunately, will not work.

The fact is that the latter can only suck blood with the help of their proboscis. This trunk is completely unsuitable for taking solid food, so these insects will not be able to enjoy the balls where the powder is hidden.

Boric acid will help get rid of cockroaches

There are a huge number of recipes containing boric acid powder or its solution on the Internet. Below we will talk about the most popular methods and evaluate their effectiveness.

  1. Pure boric acid powder. The tool is undoubtedly the most profitable, but perhaps not the most effective. For this method, it’s enough to just buy a few bags of acid and sprinkle them in the potential habitat of the unfortunate insects. But, firstly, cockroaches may not go to those places, since nothing will attract them, and secondly, the powder is easily blown off by draft. So, let’s look at more appetizing methods for making cockroach lures.
  2. Potato balls and eggs. The method is quite economical (certainly more profitable than purchased funds) and easy to use. Cook the jacket potatoes (1 pc.) And cook one egg. Then these ingredients are ground into mashed potatoes. When the mashed potatoes and eggs are ready, a tablespoon of boric acid is poured into the mixture and the mixture is thoroughly mixed again. Small balls are made from the mass obtained and are scattered throughout the apartment, especially in places that are popular with cockroaches.
  3. Balls with sugar. Ingredients: boric acid powder (4 packs); sugar (2 tablespoons); egg yolk (1 pc.). All this must be thoroughly mixed and molded from the resulting mass of balls. If the mass is too thick, dilute it with water, and if it is too thin, add a little flour.
  4. Balls of eggs with butter. Ingredients: hard-boiled egg (1 pc.); boric acid powder (10 grams); sunflower oil. To make the bait more attractive, take unrefined oil so that it exudes a smell, but if this is not available, then refined oil will do. Mix the cooked yolk with boric acid and dilute the resulting mass with oil to a consistency suitable for modeling the balls (the diameter of the balls should be approximately 5 mm).

Before you begin placing the bait in your home, thoroughly clean all the premises. After the balls are laid out, keep your house clean and do not leave food in places accessible to pests.

You can put improvised drinkers near the sink, filled with a solution of this product (not alcohol!). Block all access to water and leave the sink dry overnight, because cockroaches are very dependent on water, they will have to drink poisoned water.

How to poison cockroaches with boric acid and an egg

Getting cockroaches out of the apartment is not an easy task. Although a great deal has been invented for this, all of them cannot guarantee complete extermination.

The reason lies in the rapid adaptation of insects to even the most effective poisons. In addition to insecticides, repellers, traps, herbs, solutions are used.

But the remedy that our grandmothers "patented" against cockroaches still competes with the most popular drugs.

what do we know about boric acid

Boric acid, the formula of which is H3BO3, has been known since school chemistry lessons. Refers to substances with weak acidic properties. Represents colorless small crystalline flakes. It has no smell, no taste.

The powder is poorly and slightly soluble in water. Natural sources of the substance are the mineral Sassolin, mineral waters and geysers, hot springs.

The scope of H3BO3 is extensive: from nuclear reactors to disinfectants. Boric acid is actively used against cockroaches.

Belongs to the III class of danger. In most folk recipes, it is used as the basis for the preparation of various products or is used in its pure form.

In the formulation of drugs along with acid, borax is also used. These two substances exist as independent. Buru, this natural mineral, is mined from lakes in Egypt, Iran, Tibet, etc. There are deposits of boric acid, but there are few of them.

Therefore, its production from deposits of mineral salts of borax has been established. To do this, the borax solution is exposed to sulfuric acid. Both minerals (boric acid and borax) are soluble in water.

Mechanism of action on insects

Poison from cockroaches affects them during contact. The substance penetrates through the external integument and when used internally. Scaly grains of powder at the edges are much finer. In these places they are sharp.

Having microscopic dimensions, the crystals adhere to the antennae and paws at the moment of contact of the cockroach with the bait. Cut the cover, forming non-healing wounds.

Penetrating into the body of the insect in large quantities, the acid abrases the internal organs, the cover. Moisture from the body evaporates, dehydration occurs and the insect dies.

On the other hand, the insecticidal properties of the acid are provided by boron, which is part of its composition. It causes persistent disturbances in the work of all organs, affects their structure, and causes blindness.

The insect is disoriented in space, its paralysis sets in. This causes a slow but inevitable death. The problem is to get the cockroaches to try the product prepared for them, and already there it’s a matter of technology.

Pros and cons of using boric acid

  • The product is safe for humans: it does not leave burns on the skin and does not corrode it.
  • The powder is freely sold in the pharmacy chain.
  • Reasonable price for true quality.
  • High efficiency in the fight against insects.
  • Boric acid from cockroaches is easy to apply and prepare baits.
  • Long action time.

Powder and baits based on boric acid should not be laid out in places accessible to children and pets.

Attractive bait balls, once in the gastrointestinal tract, can cause an allergic reaction in the body or even poisoning.

All work with acid and baits based on it should be carried out with gloves and a respirator. Options for using acid harrow against insects.

Instructions for use

  1. Before using poison from boric acid, remove water, wipe the sinks, tighten the taps, etc. Spray the powder from the packaging with a thin path along the perimeter on the cabinets, along the baseboards, under the sink, on the floor. Pay special attention to the “routes” laid by the cockroaches to the water.
  2. Boric acid and egg are effective against cockroaches. Moreover, the egg plays the role of an additive that causes interest in bright color and arouses appetite. Before preparing poison for processing one room in the apartment, you will need 1 hard-boiled egg. This recipe uses boric acid and yolk, so it is extracted from a peeled egg. Warm thoroughly with a fork. 40 g of acid powder is added (these are 4 pharmacy packages). Sunflower oil with a fragrant odor is poured into the oil in such an amount that the resulting product is easily molded. Form balls with boric acid from cockroaches. They should be small, the size of beans. Spread the pellets in places of "wanderings" of insects.
  3. If the base is unchanged (boric acid), then additives can be experimented with. Boil 1 potato tuber and 1 egg. From peeled potatoes and yolk to prepare a homogeneous mixture. To do this, grind both components and mix. Add 4 packs of acid there. Stir in kefir until a viscous, form-keeping composition is obtained. Roll up and decompose balls with boric acid from cockroaches. The recipe with an egg can be simplified by using a raw yolk, stirring it all with the same 4 packets of powder. When the composition dries, all the same balls are molded from it.
  4. Proven folk remedies also offer such a recipe, available for its components. In half a glass of water, dilute half a packet of boric acid, 2 tablespoons of sugar and a teaspoon of honey. Fill the contents of small bowls, saucers, turning into traps. Arrange them in places where cockroaches congregate, which, due to their natural curiosity, are sure to want to feast on the poisoned bait.
  5. It is useful to know how to prepare boric acid from cockroaches by adding flour to it, which will weaken the smell of boron. This is done simply. The ingredients are mixed in equal proportions. The mixture is poured in small portions onto pieces of paper. They should be laid out on shelves, under the refrigerator and sink, near the baseboards. You can enhance the effect of pest control if you use gel preparations or crayons as additional means.

If the acid powder acts like a poison on cockroaches, then the egg clutches remain intact. Periodically, you need to change the bait balls so that the newly emerging offspring also “tastes” the poison.

cockroach boric acid and egg recipe

Today we will discuss the universal remedy for all ills that every self-respecting mistress has in her house. It will be about the storm, or boric acid.

This powder is used to clean plumbing, utensils, stainless steel items, to fertilize plants and eliminate weeds, as a bleach, to remove unpleasant odors, and for a couple of dozens of household needs.

I'll tell you how boric acid helps with cockroaches: a recipe with an egg is an old method to destroy insects that your great-grandmother used.

You will learn how boric acid acts on insects and how to make poison swallow. Following my recommendations, you can prepare an effective and inexpensive tool that will quickly solve the problem of insects in the house.

What is boric acid and where is it used?

Sodium tetraborate, or a salt of boric acid, is a mineral that has been widely used in medicine, cosmetology and everyday life due to its disinfecting properties.

If you set a goal, you can find hundreds of unique ways to use this white powder, but we will talk about only one thing - the use of borax against domestic insects.

White powder is packaged in a small paper bag and sold freely in any pharmacy. If the package is not opened, the drug is stored for a very long time, so you can safely stock up on minerals for future use - it will always come in handy on the farm.

Boric acid from cockroaches has been used for a very long time - the recipe with an egg was popular in the 20th century. Ask your grandmother, and she will surely tell you that this was exactly how they saved themselves from the mustachioed adversity at a time when imported insecticides were inaccessible to a wide range of consumers, and domestic ones were not yet produced.

Sodium tetraborate is available in two forms - solution and powder, both successfully used against insects. Just be careful and do not confuse the solution with boric alcohol - its smell will scare off the Prussians, and they will not eat poison.

How boric acid acts on cockroaches

Borax, although it does not belong to the class of insecticides, due to its special properties, fights against Prussians no worse than specialized means. It affects the body in two ways - contact and intestinal:

  • Upon contact with the chitinous integument of the insect, the borax provokes itching, chemical burns and pain.
  • When it gets into the digestive tract, the drill disrupts its work and becomes the cause of severe dehydration, as a result of which the insect dies.

The death of the Prusaks from the powder occurs within 12-36 hours after the agent gets inside. That is, the method will quickly solve the problem with insects, but there is one “but”: the poison will not affect the eggs (ooteks) of cockroaches.

Since you do not know when the ootics were postponed and how soon the larvae hatch, it makes sense to repeat the treatment. Do this 15 and 30 days after the first, and you can be sure that not a single individual is left in the apartment.

Boric Acid Recipes

By itself, the smell of boric acid does not attract cockroaches, and they are unlikely to eat it. So you have to refine your mind and figure out how to make the stasiks taste the powder.

Various nutritional supplements come to the rescue, which mask the smell of poison and fuel the appetite of eternally hungry creatures.

There are many ways to use insect borax. We will consider only the simplest and most popular ones: first I will tell you how to poison cockroaches with borax and eggs, and below we will talk about recipes with other components.

Boric acid with an egg

Perhaps the most famous recipe due to the availability of ingredients. For him you will need:

  1. sachet of boric acid (10 g);
  2. egg;
  3. sunflower (or other vegetable) oil.

Then everything is simple:

  • boil the egg hard, peel it and remove the yolk.
  • Mash it well with a fork and add boric acid.
  • After thorough mixing, add a little vegetable oil to the mixture. Count the amount “by eye” - you need just enough oil to turn the crumbly yolk with powder into an elastic mass that holds its shape.
  • Roll small balls up to 1 cm in diameter from the resulting mass, or simply tear off arbitrary cakes if this does not confuse your internal perfectionist.

Put balls, slices or cakes (what did you get there?) In the habitats and movements of cockroaches:

  1. under the refrigerator, stove, washing machine;
  2. to kitchen shelves and cabinets;
  3. near the bin;
  4. in mezzanines and other secluded places;
  5. near the bathroom, sink and sink in the kitchen.

A little trick that will save time and effort when cleaning: place the borax-egg mixture not directly on the surface, but on the prepared substrates - paper inserts in silicone cupcake molds, square leaflets-stickers, just a piece of paper cut into small pieces, are perfect.

Using this technique, you don’t have to bite your teeth on the drill that is firmly attached to the shelves later - just collect the substrates with the poison and discard it.

Boric acid with potatoes

A potato recipe is almost as famous as an egg recipe. The principle of preparation of poison is the same:

  • boil the potatoes;
  • mash it with a fork;
  • add a little vegetable oil to get the desired consistency;
  • spread the poison in the habitats and movement of insects.

To make the treat even more attractive, you can add a little powdered sugar there - the sweet smell will attract cockroaches even faster than the smell of simple potatoes.

Borax with honey

Perhaps only hereditary beekeepers can afford such a honey luxury. Nevertheless, this recipe has earned a place in our ranking due to its appeal to insects. The smell of honey literally drives them crazy, so that no individual can resist the poisonous treats.

Poison is prepared according to the same principle as the above - the powder is mixed with honey, and the mixture is left in the right places.

Be careful - honey can spread, which greatly complicates the cleaning process, so use substrates with a recess (paper inserts in silicone molds for cupcakes are ideal).

Other boric acid poison recipes

In addition to honey, potatoes and eggs, there are also recipes for boric acid with powdered sugar and flour. They are no less effective, but much less convenient to use.

The resulting dry mixture is scattered throughout the apartment, and then removed. Obviously, it is easier to collect and discard the substrates with balls than to wash away the remains of powdered sugar or flour.

Borax with powdered sugar

Mix the powder and boric acid and sprinkle in an even thin layer in the following places:

  1. along the baseboards and behind them;
  2. on kitchen cabinets and shelves;
  3. for household appliances - refrigerator, stove, washing machine;
  4. around the bin;
  5. near elements of plumbing - sinks, bathtubs, sinks.

Flour with borax

All the same as when using powdered sugar - mix in equal proportions and sprinkle. However, using sodium tetraborate in this way, consider this.

When sunlight enters boric acid, it quickly loses its insecticidal properties. So by evening the spilled borax with flour will turn into a safe and satisfying treat for the Prussians.

A solution of boric acid from cockroaches

Liquid boric acid is used in a manner analogous to a powder - mixed with egg yolk, formed into balls and laid out around the apartment. You can mix the solution with water and place the dishes near the sources of water in the bathroom and in the kitchen.

Why sometimes boric acid does not work

The method of destroying cockroaches with sodium tetraborate has how many supporters, so many opponents. Moreover, the second claim that borax is absolutely ineffective against insects.

Indeed, it happens that cockroaches eat a poisoned bait, several individuals die, but most survive. Why is this happening?

This phenomenon is directly related to the availability of clean water in the public domain. As you probably know, cockroaches drink a lot of fluids. And if without food they can live for weeks, then without water they will die in a few days.

So if a cockroach, poisoned by boric acid, found water and drank enough, consider that he just had a nice dinner. A large volume of water neutralizes the negative impact of borax, and the insect remains unscathed.

For this reason, it is necessary to limit access to water in parallel with baiting insects. To do this, do the following:

  • check and repair leaking pipes, dripping taps, etc .;
  • at night they wash and dry the dishes;
  • in the same way, before going to bed, you need to carefully wipe the bathroom, sink, sink with a dry rag.

Be careful - there should not be a drop of water in the whole apartment. Indoor plants, condensation on the windows, droplets after a shower, wet dishes - all this can become a source of drinking for insects, and then all your efforts will be in vain.

Another point is the exposure of the sun to powder. The fact is that under the influence of ultraviolet, boric acid loses its properties, turning into a neutral powder, and this happens literally in a couple of hours. So if you do not want to feed cockroaches, make sure that the sun does not fall on your bait.

Precautionary measures

Boric acid, and although not toxic to humans, but there are some rules when working with this substance:

  1. make sure that the powder does not get on the mucous membranes (especially in the eyes);
  2. restrict pet access to baits;
  3. if there is a tendency to allergic reactions or skin diseases, when working with sodium tetraborate, it makes sense to use rubber gloves.

Compliance with these simple recommendations will save you health and protect you from possible troubles.

Why boric acid does not affect cockroach eggs

As I said, 15 and 30 days after the first treatment, the procedure will have to be repeated. This is due to the fact that recipes of poison with borax do not affect insect eggs.

To find out the cause of this phenomenon, you need to understand how female cockroaches lay their eggs and what exactly protects the future generation from the effects of poison.

Using Boric Acid and Egg Yolk for Cockroach Control

It's no secret that the appearance of cockroaches in an apartment is a real disaster. Their presence in the home causes numerous troubles to the household.

If the Prussians are found, urgent measures must be taken to destroy them. Today you can get rid of these "guests" in various ways.

One of the common and effective means is boric acid powder. It can be a major component in insect poison baits.

What is boric acid?

Boric acid is a weak acid and is a white crystalline powder. This product has no smell and has good disinfectant and antiseptic properties. It is also often used to combat fungal infections.

But for a long time, people began to use boric acid to rid their homes of cockroaches. It belongs to the most popular means of combating these harmful insects.

The effects of boric acid on cockroaches

The poisonous substance of boric acid is boron. The powder affects the body of parasites in two ways: by contact with the drug and, like intestinal poison.

Contact exposure is possible provided that dry powder is used to get rid of the cockroaches. Its crystals are in the form of scales with rather sharp edges.

Touching the legs and body of the Prusak, they injure and damage the integument of the insect. Trying to cleanse itself, a cockroach can swallow part of the powder.

If boric acid is used as a component for the preparation of baits, then it destructively affects the body of the pest.

It disrupts the digestive system and leads to dehydration, as it has absorbing properties.

However, boric acid negatively affects the functioning of the peripheral nervous system, causing seizures and paralysis of the parasite.

The insect dies a few hours after the interaction with the poison occurred. For the death of one individual, only 2-3 grams of powder is enough.

Release form

Today, boric acid, which goes to pharmacies, is either a crystalline powder or a solution. Both the one and the other form have the same effectiveness.

Boric alcohol is also found on sale, but its effect on cockroaches is extremely small, since the pungent smell of alcohol repels insects.

Where can I buy

Today, you can buy this powder at any pharmacy or in one of the many online stores. A doctor’s prescription is not required to purchase it.


The powder is sold in packs whose weight is 10 grams. The cost of one such bag does not exceed 50 rubles on average. For the full processing of a one-room apartment, you will need to spend about 500 - 600 rubles.

Why do you need yolk as part of the bait?

A person does not smell that comes from boric acid. It is for this reason that the textbooks indicate that it has neither smell nor taste.

But cockroaches have a finer sense of smell than humans. They are able to catch a scent that a person cannot feel.

Egg yolk is able to discourage the smell of boric acid, which increases the likelihood of eating the bait with cockroaches. But the yolk itself is a welcome food for the Prussians.

Yolk Lure Recipes

Cockroach baits using boric acid and egg yolk are prepared in various ways. Here are a few recipes that are most popular.

With sunflower oil

The following ingredients will be needed:

  • 40 grams of powder (4 standard packages);
  • 1 boiled yolk;
  • Unrefined sunflower oil. In its absence, it can be replaced with refined.

Only a yolk is needed from a boiled egg. It should be ground with a fork and mixed with boric acid. Pour a small amount of oil into the mixture so that it can be sculpted. Now the mass for baits is ready! From it you need to mold balls about 5 millimeters in diameter.

This amount of ingredients is designed to process one room in an apartment or house. If you need to carry out a full treatment of the home, then the portion is increased proportionally, based on the number of rooms in the house.

With sugar

For this recipe you will need the following components:

  1. 40 grams of boric acid (4 packs);
  2. 2 tbsp. tablespoons of granulated sugar;
  3. 1 yolk.

All components should be mixed and blinded balls. If the mixture is too thick, you can dilute it with water. If the mass, on the contrary, is too liquid, then a little flour should be added to it.

With potatoes

To prepare another popular cockroach bait, you will need:

  • 40 grams of boric acid (4 standard packages);
  • 1 hard boiled egg;
  • 1 medium potato;
  • A small amount of kefir.

The yolk and boiled potato need to be milled with a fork, then mix the mass with boric acid and kefir. All components should be mixed well. Get the mass from which you need to mold the balls.

Preparatory stage before processing the premises

Processing the premises from cockroaches must certainly precede the preparatory stage.

  1. First of all, all rooms should be cleaned to deprive insects of food. The bait must be the only source of nutrition.
  2. After each meal, it is imperative to clean the remaining foods so that no food is left on the table. Food can be stored in containers or in the refrigerator. Do not leave crumbs on the table, otherwise they will attract parasites.
  3. The garbage bin must be kept clean. Take it out and wash it daily at night.
  4. Water is more important for cockroaches than food, so it’s important not to let them get drunk. Keep the plumbing and water pipes in good condition. Each time after using a washbasin, washbasin or bath, wipe them until completely dry.

Where to lay out the bait

Boric acid and yolk bait are laid out on paper or cardboard sheets in the places that cockroaches love. First of all, these are places near the bin, sink, under the bathtub. Be sure to lay out the bait near the skirting boards and behind pieces of furniture.

Exposure time

The delicious smell that comes from baits will soon attract cockroaches. Insects will certainly eat the balls prepared for them. However, do not wait for an instant result, cockroaches will begin to die only after 2 - 3 days.

This will be preceded by a rather unusual behavior of the parasites. Their movements become noticeably slower, and cockroaches can leave their shelters even in broad daylight.

Pros and cons of using boric acid from cockroaches

Boric acid does not have a taste or smell and it is practically insoluble in water. It has a number of advantages, among which are the following:

  • it is absolutely safe because it does not harm people and pets;
  • boric acid powder can be purchased at any pharmacy;
  • the tool has a low cost;
  • long period of validity;
  • high degree of efficiency;
  • ability to affect various parasites;
  • ease of use.

However, boric acid has some disadvantages. We list the main ones:

  1. the toxic effect of boric acid does not apply to insect eggs;
  2. to destroy the Prussians, you will need to prepare the bait. Boric acid can be used independently, its effectiveness is just as high, however, it is unlikely to attract cockroaches;
  3. it will take a long period of time to destroy the entire insect population.

Is boric acid safe for children and animals

At the sight of dying parasites, many people unwittingly ask a fair question whether boric acid can harm people and their pets. Of course not.

If any birds live in the apartment, then there is also no reason for concern - the powder is safe for them.

Even if small children live in the apartment and try to taste everything, there is no need to be afraid. In contact with the skin, boric acid can cause a slight tingling sensation.

This is not scary, boric acid powder will not harm their health. In the old days, boric acid was used as an antiseptic, until allergic reactions to it were detected.

Preventive measures to avoid the re-emergence of parasites

Even if all the cockroaches in the house are destroyed, you can’t sit still with your hands clasped. No one guarantees that there are no these nasty insects in neighboring apartments.

And if they are still there, then over time the cockroaches will begin to gradually move into your apartment in search of a favorable living environment.

That is why in order to exclude re-infection, it is recommended to carry out the following preventive measures:

  • From time to time, it is necessary to use boric acid to treat surfaces near sewer risers, ventilation ducts, electrical outlets that are located on common walls with neighbors;
  • From time to time it is necessary to prepare a new portion of boron - egg bait and lay it out where cockroaches like to hide. First of all, these are the surfaces behind the furniture, under the washbasin, under the bathtub and in other shelters hidden from the eye. The bait attracts unsolicited "guests", which leads to the inevitable death of cockroaches;
  • It is necessary to observe cleanliness and order in the apartment, because cockroaches do not settle in those places where they can not find food.

Useful Tips

To increase the effectiveness of boric acid in the fight against domestic insects, we recommend using the following tips:

  1. A cockroach poisoned by poison, having drunk water, can cleanse its body and remain alive. Therefore, it is necessary to completely limit access to the room water. You can outwit the Prussians and dissolve boric acid in water. Then the containers with this liquid should be decomposed in places where they like to hide and move pests.
  2. Cockroaches are attracted by everything bright. You can take this fact into account and make the bait outwardly more catchy by adding food coloring to it. The insect will certainly pay attention to it and will not be able to pass by.


Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that boric acid for cockroaches is the strongest poison. You can cook bait on its basis, which will fight pests with a high degree of efficiency.

In addition, this is a fairly cheap tool available to people with different income levels. The advantage in using boric acid to get rid of domestic parasites is its safety in relation to people and their pets. It does not harm their health and life.

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  1. We fought cockroaches for a long time and very seriously, in the article there are many useful recipes that will probably contribute to cleaning houses from them, but you must admit that they have disappeared recently. Rumor has it that this is the work of our mobile phones, some are just sure of it.

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