Reviews on how to get rid of bed bugs in the apartment are only real stories!

reviews how to get rid of bed bugs in an apartment
Reviews how to get rid of bed bugs in an apartment

Hello! During one of the evening gatherings with a neighbor, she talked about her student years.

There was no dormitory; she lived in rented apartments. And constantly she was unlucky. One came across an apartment with cockroaches, then with bugs.

As a result, she overcame bugs. Then she shared her way wherever she could. It helped many people cope with these parasites. Want to know how to get rid of bed bugs in an apartment, to study other people's reviews? In the article below you will find all the information you need.

How to get rid of bed bugs in the apartment ????

a guest: The main thing is to find out the place where they live. We lived under the baseboards, as soon as they began to splash in the gap between the floor and the baseboards, they immediately died. They can live under wallpaper, in furniture. Check the sofas.

Marisha: there was such an experience, they bought TsIFOKS - the liquid is such (it needs to be diluted - I don’t remember the dosage). We tried a lot, only he helped us. All the cracks in the house were poured - skirting boards, a sofa, a wardrobe - that's all. after they survived - I don’t remember how many days - washed the whole house with DOMESTOS. We had it in the summer - all summer we lived with our parents.

We bought a Schiller 47 at the Tyumen disinfection station, tel. 247905, 241946, 241884. Call - consult. If there is a double. Gis - then look there, the intersection of Malygin-Schiller - and there ask. Good luck and patience.

a guest: we just have a small child tired of fighting! all pregnancy suffered and with bugs and with repair! really only through services to do it all ???

oleka: If there are bugs in at least one apartment in the staircase, then sooner or later they will run to other apartments ... They must be destroyed by the whole porch or even the house, otherwise they will run away from you to the neighbors, and again from the neighbors to you.
Another thing is complicated by the fact that these creatures can "lay low" for a while, I read that they can live without food for up to a year.

K @ tyusha: such a problem must be fought together, because they run back and forth, it is necessary to simultaneously with the neighbors, even if they did not notice them. A year ago, we lived in an old piece of wood, poisoned us with a very vanuishing agent (some kind of dirty socks with vanity) CARBOFOS.

It costs 10 rubles, it can be bought in the "seeds", it is very effective. Pharmacy wormwood also helps, it must be put under the bed, in the corners, at the baseboards and in the furniture, bedbugs are afraid of its smell and leave. I sympathize with you very much, this is such disgusting, it takes me to trembling as I recall.

Gingerbread man: In the old apartment, the same problem was (also funny neighbors, and no less funny bugs) that they just didn’t try, but really helped with a spell called “Killer” is called, maybe it will help you ... It's a little expensive, but worth it. They also say that if you bring a green bug home, they are found in the bushes in the country, and there are in the city, those bastards go away ...

a guest: also at one time these creatures were on the old apartment. They bought fumitox ... I don’t know what it is called ... a smoke trap from 18 types of insects ... it cost 160 rubles .... the only thing that helped us ... we took these things together with our neighbors and poisoned them on the same day.

Tava: Mud bugs will not start. What stupid thing? Well they do not eat breadcrumbs and bumps. Mosquitoes then - also start from dirt?

In my childhood, we also had bed bugs. I remember it well. The horror was. Their dad poured boiling water in the crevices of the sofa. Then, all the same, I had to throw out the sofa. But throwing furniture is not an option, of course. In the new, too, crawl.

Of course, the best option is to poison the whole house. But this is unlikely to succeed. The Sanitary and Epidemiological Station will also not forcibly poison for free. It costs a lot of money.

Bedbugs are afraid of boiling water. Poison is necessary. If the skirting boards come off - you need to tear it off and process it. And leave the poison right behind the skirting boards. Very carefully inspect the furniture !!!!!! ALL slots !!!!! Why is it that the bugs reappear?

Perhaps the bugs were left somewhere and after a while they hatch from there. You can find them in the most unexpected places. Look carefully at the mattress stitches. They can also easily settle there. They’ll crawl into any gap. Behind the carpets on the back.

If possible - sort through all the cabinets, all things and they must either be processed with a steam generator or ironed with a hot iron. Good luck !!!!!!!!!!!!

As practice shows, it is difficult to bring out bugs, but it is possible. My parents got rid of them. Already a couple of decades have not appeared.

MomLisa: In the first rented apartment, we got rid of bedbugs with vinegar + karbofos. Dismantled all the furniture on the cogs and the bedbugs were just at the joints, in the photo frames, in the icons. All parts were washed with vinegar. Chalk from bugs was poured into the sockets. they usually go through the outlet and ventilation, and the seams of the wallpaper and baseboard are sprayed with karbofos. They threw upholstered furniture and left for a few days. They were no more.

The second “happiness” overtook us in the next rented apartment, since we did not have time to move. So in it the hosts twice caused the epidemiological station, one etching did not help. They made a new repair and again threw out the furniture. Then I found a couple, missed with a pencil and that’s all, there were no more of them.

I sympathize with you very much, these bastards are very tenacious. I’m still trembling as I recall these brown and triangular. Brrrrrr. Good luck to you!

a guest: You can get rid of them, you just need to make every effort ... A month ago we also got these creatures, we were bitten by children, and we did not touch my husband. I accidentally saw them on the couch, they were soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, we went to see our relatives and started overhaul, all things were freed from the closets, but they had not had time to get there yet, during which time I saw them.

They sat on the couch and in the crib, treated with karbafos, concentrated more concentrated, dusted out sockets, replaced all skirting boards, but before changing them and I covered them with dust, I covered them with mashenka.

Of course, we made repairs, re-taped the wallpaper, added karbafos to the glue, and now pah pah pah there aren't any, I first slept with the light, and now I relaxed, I put wormwood in the bed, and by the way we sleep on the same couch, we didn’t throw out and there is not a single one of this creature, the only thing inside of me is still covered with wormwood and every joint is smeared with mashenka, I look around it every day, well, there are none.

So you can get rid of them, as much as possible, only problematic, because you need to move out while etching is in progress.

macha83: When they lived in a rented apartment, the first time I saw bugs and was horrified, at first they only bit me, for some reason they did not touch the baby and husband, but then they got to them. Since bedbugs hermaphrodite then multiply every five days.

We poisoned like this - I sprayed everything (sofas, wallpaper, baseboards, furniture) with dichlorvos from bugs, then I washed everything with a housekeeper and so three times in five days, the furniture should be vacuumed there, the eggs remain. So they disappeared, or died or left! Wash everything with bleach often!

a guest: Six months ago we found bugs when we got home in the evening and turned on the light, they stuck around all the walls and the floor, the sight was terrible, I did not sleep all night. The next day we also rummaged through the entire Internet, but there isn’t there.

From my own experience I’ll say what they just didn’t poison everything for, it was a plus, the problem was that all our neighbors had them too. For a month we couldn’t sleep normally, poisoning almost every day helped nothing. Then acquaintances advised us to buy an ampoule, it seems to be called “Alatar” and is sold in household goods and flower shops.

I bought it and sprayed it only once and did not see them until they crawled out of the sockets from the neighbors.Then she began to poison every two weeks because they say after two months the eggs hatch.

But then I realized that they didn’t lay their eggs and simply covered all the skirting boards and sockets with tape and closed it up and for three months we arrived at home and turned on the lights and had not seen a single bug. Only hungry bugs crawl out during the day. And they mainly live in sofas near their heads.

They are naturally lazy and settle only in places where a person sleeps, sometimes even in a pillow alone. It is useless to get rid of them with cold, it’s better to wash clothes in hot water or hot steam for prevention. And it’s useless to call special services if neighbors also have them - that’s money down the drain.

a guest: Good remedy for CARBOPHOS bugs. It stinks a lot, you need to leave home for a few days. I don’t know if it was on sale now for a long time in the 80s. There were never more bugs, although before that they had not tried anything.

Apply karbofos on all surfaces in the apartment, process sofas, beds on all sides, you just have to be in the respirator and smells very bad and unhealthy.

a guest: Korbofos in powder is useless to poison them .... We’ve been trying for 3 months already ... They don’t even die from korbofos ...

Wash the bedding and all things in hot water at least once a week ... The bed should always be made up and try not to lie on it dull or sweaty ... They like the smell of sweat ... Take a shower every day before going to bed ....

Wash only under very warm water, which will burn your skin a little from itching and from stains from bites, this will also help .... If the neighbors have the same, agree with them and call the special services to get rid of them ... .. Just if you call alone, they can run away to the neighbors for a while, but then come back ... ... Good luck

a guest: People really help: There is a sure way, we tested it on ourselves, it helped ... .. Despite the fact that there is an animal in the house +. In the pharmacy you buy TUJMA flowers + WATERWOOD mixed and everywhere where you can scatter and in addition SALAMANDER spray from cockroaches bugs, and spray it with all the cracks, folds, corners.

How to bring out bugs? - Tips

Wall: These bloodsuckers wound up with the purchase of a new sofa, tried karbofos (although it is toxic to humans) does not help, everyone says dichlorvos “money down the drain”, so what, what else? !!!!

ennina: we had such “happiness”. My children and I left, and my husband sprayed everything (some kind of spray from insects by Dr. Klaus), in all the rooms, varnished the wooden one, that they didn’t wash everything, they threw it away, I washed all the linen 90 g, ironed everything. And then they collected it for a long time, dried and dead. Yes, even the mattresses were thrown away. In short, full Atas. Enough work.

And I also read that they fall into suspended animation, so I'm still on the alert. In winter, I air everything in the cold.

Diana Beska: We crawled from our neighbors, so we brought an ordinary raptor (literally, “Professional extermination of crawling insects”), and didn’t say that we tensed 😀 It was almost odorless, though I still felt it, but it’s such nostrils 😐 Gone somewhere 3 balloon for three days. And FSE, t-t-t. Already a year is not visible.

Latika: Some kind of misfortune began with these bugs, it seems. My acquaintances recently bought an apartment, so even the former mistress did not warn them that the bugs live there and they found out about it already on the day of moving by accident from a neighbor.

They quarreled with the former mistress and called the sanitary service to combat these parasites at her expense. The move also had to be postponed for several days, because if things had been transferred, then later the guard would have started because these bugs like to settle in sofas and armchairs, from where they will later be banished by figs.

Right now, as they should. The neighbors really came running, asking: “what are you doing here? all the bugs rushed to us! ”... although initially they crawled from these neighbors.

In general, we seemed to have had these monsters before, only then I was very small and I don’t remember. But parents say that they were brought up with malathion.

Shoma: We also have these “pets” appeared, so I bought some special smoke bombs in the hardware store, according to my Raptor company, you don’t need to set fire to anything, you pour a little water into the checker and the smoke from which these critters die, and people need to leave the room for a few hours (well, so that you can’t die with bed bugs учи)

Natalya Ivanova: We moved to a new apartment, she ended up with bugs, tried to get Korbafos on her own, it did not help. They called specialists, the bugs became extinct, but the smell of the drug remained. The only thing I didn’t try to launder the furniture came out of, I had to throw it away. The worst thing is that the walls in some places still stink so much (a year has already passed) and the plaster was torn off along with the wallpaper, it does not help.

Nadezhda Pimenova: Oh, well, here I am in this thread. Since February, my child began to be covered with red blisters. 2-3 days hold on, then turn pale and gradually pass, and immediately pour new ones. I ran into dermatologists, how many tests I handed over and drank / anointed drugs, I don’t even want to remember. And the sense of zero, the blisters all appeared and appeared.

And on Friday I caught a bug in the room. She planted this beast in a jar and took it to the laboratory for analysis. At the end of the day, the biologist called back and said: “Congratulations, you have become the happy owner of bed bugs!” And he immediately warned that it was better not to waste time on home methods of fighting, but to order special treatment.

Girls, I have one big help for you. Who faced this problem and ordered special treatment, share your experience, pliz.

  • Do they handle everything at all? That is, clothes in a closet, papers in drawers, books on shelves, kitchen cabinets, etc.?
  • From the means by which the treatment is carried out, then you need to wash the entire apartment? That is, walls, ceilings, carpets, furniture. And what to do with clothes? Well, it is clear that dresses, T-shirts should be washed, but what about coats and sheepskin coats? And with rugs on the beds ...
  • How long does the odor last after treatment?
  • I strongly suspect that the source of this “joy” is neighbors behind the wall, a group of Tajik comrades are renting an apartment there. Well, suppose we get the bugs, and then they will not come to us again from the neighbors? Or - horror! - Do you have to carry out this procedure now periodically?

Oh, my head is spinning. One joy: now it’s clear why the child has blisters. We really didn’t know what to feed, almost kept on bread and water. But it turned out that he, poor fellow, was just bitten around the perimeter by such bastards ...

Olga. I will answer in order:

  1. The whole apartment is being processed. Items and paper at the discretion of the disinfector.
  2. As a rule, the processing is carried out using hazard class 3-4 agents; you do not have to wash the entire apartment.
  3. It all depends on the product, you can order the treatment with no smell.
  4. The disinfector should advise you on how to protect the apartment. As a rule, following the recommendations, re-infection does not occur.

elena nikitcenko. we also poisoned with karbofos, all the walls were spoiled, but for some time they disappeared, then again the infections appeared, thank God at least they do not bite a child.

They called the service, treated them with poisons, so even the cockroaches didn’t die, nothing helped, and then I read about the service somewhere that poisons the bugs using American technology with high temperature and poisons, in short they called them, they arrived and warmed some room guns and then poisons, Well, thank God they have not been around for a long time.

I even had a nervous breakdown due to bed bugs, and all the time it seemed like something was crawling over you, and I was still working in the dining room and all my hands were biting ... the guard was shorter .. but thank God there are none already, but I'm afraid so that, God forbid, they don’t return, we have a lot of Asia at the entrance.

Svetlana Taitskaya: I will have very unexpected advice - have WiFi! Insects are afraid of this radiation, so in apartments where there is a lot of equipment and wi-fi, cockroaches quickly disappear forever, I think it will work with bugs)))).

Elena: I’ll tell you about my epic. These reptiles were brought to us, as I think, by my mother’s friend (as it turned out later, these creatures are found in her son’s apartment). They did not immediately understand what was happening, because only my son had bites, others had nothing. I thought maybe some kind of allergy. But once he was sick and fell asleep on his grandmother's couch, in the morning it was scary to look at him.

Then I found one in the bath and insight came, and with it a great desire to get rid of these creatures. Throwing out furniture was not part of our plans, since we purchased it only a year ago and for a considerable amount of money. Started by buying aerosols raid and raptor.

Sprayed wherever possible. Nothing helped. All the boxes and slots filled with wormwood, also complete garbage, does not work. The psychosis intensified (whoever encounters this problem will understand me, you constantly jump up at night, look at the child, at yourself, at the walls, I only saw them infrequently).

The next step was a steam cleaner (Körner bought Avito) steamed everything that is possible and things and furniture. There were fewer bites, but they did not disappear. Finally, we decided to contact a special service (I won’t write the name) who are interested in writing, I’ll answer.

These comrades patted our nerves no worse than bedbugs. The man arrived, being late for 3 hours, complaining for a long time that he wasn’t in time anywhere, because for one call he was given an hour along with the road. About 20 minutes filled the contract.

Then he examined the apartment, said that we had few bugs, do not worry, and began processing. All processing of a two-room apartment took 10 minutes !!!!!!!! They were treated with Agran (I later looked on the Internet for the price of a bottle of 200 rubles! There was enough bottle for our apartment.

Further more. Under the contract, warranty processing after a month is free. Within a month they did not disappear, moreover, I began to find them on the walls, curtains, ceiling, in things, they were so cut that even with the lights on they got out and bit their legs !!!!!

The light in the apartment did not turn off at all !!!! Nerves were to hell, thank God that summer and everyone was sent to the country. Honestly endured the month and decided to order warranty processing. 6 hours!!!!!! I called the warranty department. Assigned re-processing. The day before, I specifically called the company (it is useless to call the warranty department) where they answered me, wait, they will come to you.

I rushed home from the cottage, waited all day, no one came and did not call back !!!!!!!!! Now we are writing a complaint and a complaint to Rospotrebnadzor. Because this is pure fraud, just a hoax to people who seek help and pay their money for it.

By the way, I forgot to say, this Agran stinks as if the corpse had decomposed in the next room, and the smell did not disappear for a long time. But the bugs remained, and soon the child will come from the cottage. I rummaged through the entire Internet. We stopped at 2 means Forsyth and Tetrix. I found a store in Perovo, went there, the seller advised Tetriks.

For 250 ml I paid 2500 plus a sprayer 300 rubles a respirator and gloves. I myself worked, all the furniture, doorposts, skirting boards, sockets, walls, floor, the space behind the cabinets, the floor. The cabinets did not move, and mattresses splashed after them, in general, everything that caught my eye.

2.5 hours were spent on this. The result felt the next day !!!!!! It didn’t smell strong, and it quickly disappears. A week later, just in case, I sprayed more, but not so carefully. A month has passed, there are no bugs !!!!!!!!! (Pah-pah-pah)

My conclusion is this, in no case do not contact special firms, a complete divorce, you yourself will do everything much better and better. I had a bottle of 250 ml for 2 times, and how much money, effort, nerves was spent before that, it’s even difficult to calculate! Fight these reptiles, it is possible, good luck !!!!!

How to get rid of bugs?

Ladies and gentlemen, the trouble came from where they didn’t wait ... The neighbors are just great, you can’t say otherwise. Last year, they got to the point where cockroaches bred - they had to re-paste wallpaper ... And in this - why not, they really bought a sofa from their hands ... Well, and as a result - bugs !!!!!!! !

I’ve been living wall to wall with them for the third year now, and I’m tired of that, of course, that’s all ... But their sofa - the same one - stands right next to our joint wall. I was not worried until yesterday morning I woke up with the feeling that my leg was very, very itchy !!!! And just the wildest itch ... I kind of checked everything, but a bug can be one ...

What to do?! Probably, it will not work to move - here it’s normal for finances ... Maybe, what to poison? Or are there folk remedies? I’m a damn student and I don’t know how to deal with such a thing ...

Marina, Irkutsk: Here you go straight to the store. And buy all kinds of funds from them and wait for a miracle. Something should help.

Well, or as a second option, call a special service that poisons cockroaches. I think she can cope with bedbugs, only there she will have to leave the apartment for the night, because the smell is strong.

In fact, I would have washed the furniture well, with some vinegar, something with a pungent smell. Suddenly, their pungent smell will scare off and they themselves will fall off from you.

And dichlorvos is also a thing, more often they began to forget about it, but it really helps.

Tonya, Kaliningrad: I doubt that there are such drugs that will save you from bedbugs. Now it’s all just to burn ...

In fact, do not panic. Maybe you just have nerves? In general, my opinion is that you had to move out even when the cockroaches got divorced from the neighbors. Seriously, this is what you need to do in the room, then you even had to re-paste the wallpaper ??? Hmm ...

In general, you need to consult a household or veterinarian. Even if you do not have bugs yet, they can start very quickly. Etch yourself, just prevention.

Veronika, Moscow: And there were bites on the leg? Usually if bed bugs, then they leave a path from bites directly. So very small dots in a row go ... Have you been?

In any case, I would have etched, honestly, did not wait for it to appear for sure or not. Now there are such means that for humans they are not perceptible and harmless at all. And then later, when it will already be clear that the bugs, there will be so many of them that it will be really easier to burn)) Well they multiply quickly ... Fu!

If you live alone, you can generally the most effective means of my childhood - dichlorvos! They generally can kill everything))) We poisoned them with moles, and ants, and cockroaches. I think the bugs will die too) I think, and among all raptors or raids there are some things against bugs.

Doesn't help - call a pest control service. Or whatever they are)) This, of course, is expensive, but changing an apartment is more expensive. And then go file a lawsuit against neighbors with a demand for compensation))) Seriously, maybe with your neighbors you will be thrown off to call specialists? Still once and for all will be etched.

Marie, Moscow: Better to pay specialists once than spend on various chemicals. With all these "poisons" you also need to be able to work, and then poisoning does not take long. My niece dragged these “cute creatures” from her friend.

These creatures bred very quickly. As soon as we found bugs, we immediately started looking for specialists in this matter. We found a good company - Defox.

The guys arrived, processed everything. After processing the animals in the house was not found. After a couple of weeks, the guys from this company came again for re-processing. She for a long time eliminates the problems with these crawling - running.

Bugs bed

Rovena: Bed bugs came to us. : swoon: Arrived in a bag with a laptop from the Far East. : doh: It took them a week to settle in a new home. The next week they ate me mercilessly. Only me.

And I could not understand what was happening. Even ate clarithin - thought allergies. Then I found them under the bed mattress. Changed, washed clothes. The husband conducted the treatment of the room with dichlorvos.

She slept like a queen for two nights.And today I discovered new bites. I read it on the Internet - my hair stand on end ... In general, it’s really possible to get rid of bugs ??? The mood below the baseboard. 🙁 Tell me, maybe someone had experience fighting these beasts?

Atika Bayra and Natasha: Really get rid of. But you need to go to the SES and buy a solution there. Dilute and handle everything-everything-everything in the apartment, house. That is, spray with a spray gun. Perhaps the SES will not sell this poison, but then they will come and process it themselves. The truth is probably expensive.

The most important thing is that the bugs do not spread throughout the house, since it will be extremely difficult to remove them then. Not all neighbors will process the apartment at the same time, and some will refuse to process it at all. We lived in the north in a "wood", that was a nightmare there. 90s. Bedbugs crawled from all the cracks ((((((

It is good that a distant relative worked for me at the SES. Gave a free solution for processing.

Annzzz: Once there was a similar story too, bugs showed up in the back of the sofa. Bars instantly brought out with the usual spray! Bedbugs died after the first spraying, but sprayed this place several more times (read how many days they appear to capture all the new ones, I don’t remember now, about a week or 10 days). Bedbugs completely disappeared and never appeared again.

tori760: We had such a misfortune. They taught it like this: I went to the store for gardening, bought a bug remedy there, spread it in the water and doused all corners, upholstered furniture and sprayed the walls from the spray gun. Lingerie in the washer at 90 degrees and everything is OK! Good luck in the fight! By the way, we, too, these bastards only ate me and the child, and my husband slept at least that !!!

Denis & alla: We had. They came by ventilation from a drunken neighbor from above (he started repairs, but they didn’t like it) and began to eat their youngest child (they didn’t touch the rest for some reason). As a result, we worked on upholstered furniture, all seams and mattresses (I don’t remember what, some kind of chemistry) and REWINED WALLPAPERS (because under the wallpaper they like to sit down). The ventilation had to be sealed. But there were no more bugs.

niary: Sympathize with you! It is very difficult to get rid of bugs on our own, we used to live in a communal apartment, they attacked us too, we did not know what to do. As a result, we tried everything that is possible. Then they found an announcement about the destruction of insects at home, including bugs.

They called a peasant, he came asking for how long, they do either for half a year or for a year. He processed everything, paid him 600 rubles, as I recall. So for two years we have not only bugs, even mosquitoes and flies, despite the fact that the windows were open in the summer.

Only after treatment can not be in the apartment for 2 hours, and then ventilate everything, wash the floors, then this tool is eaten. And with dogs, I think a couple of days is not worth appearing, you never know what ... licks or something else ...

In general, bugs do not bite everyone, selective bastards! We have bitten me and my dad. no one else was touched. They are also carriers of any infection, be careful!

Christmas tree and Sofiyka: We called !!! Only that helped. It was worth processing the apartment 6 thousand (it was 2 and 3 years ago). No funds purchased helped. And they called - it helped the first time. But a year later, just in case, the treatment was repeated. The rubbish is very vigorous, it stinks ... I can’t even say what. Not with chemistry, but with plastic / rubber ...

After 6 hours, you can already be in the room and open the windows. That night the dog slept too. All OK. Only coal would not hurt to eat))) If necessary, I can look for a telephone.

Oleg123: Hello everyone, I’ll tell you a little about my problem! At the beginning of May I suddenly woke up from the fact that everything was itching. I thought at first that the mosquitoes had bitten, then I looked on the sofa climbed by some kind of oblong shape.

I went on the Internet and looked at pictures of various insects, it turned out that bedbugs had started up in my house. By the way, they ate me all, but didn’t touch my wife at all. Why did I ask a question, read, it turns out that these insects do not go all, but there is a legend that they determine who is and who is not worth it by blood type!

These are the cute creatures !!! I started to fight them, first I read in net that dichlorvos is possible, I tried it in one day, I almost suffocated, and these creatures are all alive. Then I processed all the cracks, frames of sofas and beds with boiling water. In the morning a couple pieces fell, but the main part remained.

Well, in general, I was bitten tired, did not get enough sleep to go to work, and was not comfortable in front of my colleagues, all my hands were bitten in a long-sleeved shirt in such heat. in the evening, in the morning I get up most of the bugs got on the trail. there are no days left !!!

By the way, it’s not expensive at all !!! So if you encounter bedbugs at home, don’t waste your time, patience and healthy sleep, just call real professionals. I can give you a phone number 8 (495) 508-24-86 Unified City Service Disinfection.

Ksenia2: Good time! There are two options for destroying bugs, or call a service, or buy a drug, since there are a lot of them for sale! In Moscow, we bought the product for the Bedbug Get-Go (name) from Genjein Cleaning in Moscow. It works on all insects and has almost no smell. The most important thing in this matter, you will do or SES, so this is a special drug that has a lasting effect on insects.

Mikhail Zhilyaev: Here I will share my experience in fighting bugs. These nasty bugs can turn measured family life into hell on earth.

No one knows where they came from. When they left and when they come next time, no one knows either. There are a huge number of tools and tactics, and precisely tactics, because this cunning little creature ends up with so much that you become afraid to sleep and, as a result, you are in danger of a nervous breakdown.

So, I poisoned them many times with an interval of two weeks, just then the eggs ripen. But they crawl out of the entrance from other residents. Well, they like to travel. Do not suffer, call the professionals of the city sanitary service. They will clean the whole house. This is the only way to kill this little creature.

Bedbugs in the apartment (at home): how to get rid - reviews, what means to buy

Russenberg: It’s best to get rid of bed bugs in an apartment with the help of professionals, and as it happens with us, they read folk remedies, do everything at home so as not to buy, otherwise there’s nothing to buy beer for. No need to watch any videos and choose for a long time.

Just looking for a normal office for the destruction of bugs in your house, right on the Internet (Yandex & Google to help) - choose the normal option on the budget, which really gives a guarantee that there will be no more bugs at home and that's it. And even you yourself are injured, getting rid of bed bugs with your own hands and God forbid children injure any chemical poison.

Everyone should do their own thing, if it is a matter of getting rid of these dangerous insects, then you need to entrust it to a person who specializes in this topic and has already eaten and burned his mistakes more than once, which means it will make everything a little more expensive, but better than you.

Gostya: Get rid of bed bugs, it’s easy to say. These are such enemies of humanity, there are simply no words. I live in a private house, everything seemed to be normal until summer came. And here, from where not to get, bugs.

I’m in a panic, I ran to the veterinary pharmacy, I got different chemistry. Diluted and processed, and washed everything, silence. Two days later, they again. I'm running on the field, tearing wormwood. I gathered armfuls, scattered everywhere on sofas and under the carpet. There is no sense.

And I tried vinegar, dichlorvos, crayons and powders, do not go away. Then a friend came and says, the vacuum cleaner is necessary (I had a broken one at that time), it didn’t work, so I sweeping it with a broom. I bought a new vacuum cleaner, and as you think, three days, and the bloodsuckers disappeared. Therefore, I advise you to turn on the vacuum cleaner more often!

antonwolf: Of course, you often need to clean, but if the bugs are deep in the furniture, it’s unlikely that you will get rid of them with one cleaning.You need to buy drugs that affect the larvae, and not adults, since when you poison, the larvae remain and you need to do everything anew.

I can advise Ecokiller, we took ourselves from bedbugs, did not want to cause SS, and did not fail, after a week we forgot about this problem.

Kuzmin: I brought them to my house a few months after a family friend who stayed with us overnight brought them. In addition, I still spent almost 10,000 rubles to get rid of them.

We were able to save our mattresses and clothes, etc., but we had to get rid of our couch and chair. This is disgusting, but there is a greater risk of their return. If bugs have settled in you, quickly contact a pest control company that specializes in destroying them.

Who else had bugs in the apartment, tell our members of the forum how to get rid of once and for all, reviews of people are now needed more than ever. Fighting bugs is not a joke, as soon as you see, you need to immediately take action.

Graduate student: I don’t know if the owners of the hotel where I had to get acquainted with bedbugs were punished, but there was such an experience. I spent the night there for three nights, and all this time these bloodsuckers bothered me. Upon arrival home, I tried to learn more about these insects in order to understand how to get bedbugs out of the apartment forever at home.

I worry that I took them with me from the hotel. I’m still afraid of this, so I decided to stock up with vinegar essence - they say that this is an effective folk remedy, because for hundreds of years of its existence, bedbugs are not used to a pungent smell. I hope not to be needed, but I would like to ask: is this really an effective tool.

vesna: For a long time I could not do anything with trouble, which I was even ashamed to talk about. But in vain - it would be easier to cope with annoying bugs that occupied the entire apartment over time. Finally, getting rid of bedbugs came, the forum gave comprehensive information.

I do not really trust folk remedies, so I decided to turn to traditional remedies.

I was advised to use the Executioner - the most effective tool that can fight not only adults, but also with larvae. Five bottles of about 100 rubles. everyone, and the problems were gone. And most importantly: none of my pets were injured

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  1. So, about 1.5 months ago, we discovered these b ... My wife was eating me and there is no son. Called super professionals 3 times 12000 + 6000 + 6000 2 times flooded with a clean house, dichlorvos and raptor interspersed. The creatures come out. Apartment 3 rooms. I bought raptor drafts 2 times. Bitches live. There is little hope for professionals who are advised here - divorce. Poison yourself !!!!!! I bought a hangman geth and samuro drafts. Not yet applied. Tomorrow. Wish me good luck. Russians do not give up. Do not give up and poison yourself. Do not look for professionals who will divorce you. Good luck to everyone in a difficult fight.

  2. Good afternoon, it’s been the third year that I’ve been suffering with them processing 7 times, I made a lot of money, I received the SES the other day, but I don’t know what to do, please tell me how to get rid, it seems to me that they’re not afraid of anything

  3. Good day.
    Classics of the genre, an apartment with secret tenants was bought. They found out only when they began to make repairs. 6 months of torment - 2 disinsection from the company, weekly flooding of karbofos on the floor, daily morning and evening revisions of corners and alleys near the berth. She put plywood on purpose, they like to sit out on clean pieces of wood. A clean house - so that on a quick night to arrange a showdown, who come to have a drink. In winter, chairs and a coffee table were brought to the balcony. There was a feeling that this hell would never end.
    But, EURECA! After scratching my head, I decided to try a regular hair dryer in the hottest air.She made several treatments for potential places where they could quietly sit. At first I could not believe my eyes, I began to wake up without bites. For more than six months, peace and quiet. Only memories of bedbugs, like a nightmare. Do not give up, act. Frequent cleaning, changing and handling 90 gr. bedding. A daily audit of berths will not be superfluous in a difficult fight against these parasites.
    Wish you luck.

  4. I want to share a solution to the problem. Six months ago, bugs appeared in our apartment. Such muck is difficult to etch. Than they didn’t spray it - it’s of little use. Adults die, and the young of the eggs appears again. We turned to professionals defox. Processing was carried out in 2 stages - after 20 days. They have a six-year warranty. If the bloodsuckers appear again, they carry out another treatment. After the first two treatments, insects no longer appeared.

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