How to catch a mosquito in a room at night: ways and options

How to catch a mosquito in a room at night
How to catch a mosquito in a room at night

Hello, friends! Imagine: you want to sleep, go to bed and turn off the light, a minute or two passes, and then he appears - a buzzing mosquito. It does not bite, but flies over the ear itself and buzzes right into it.

How to catch a mosquito in a room at night? Turn on the light, take a newspaper, try to nail a parasite for an hour or two, to fall asleep in blissful silence, but still not get enough sleep before a working day ... So-so scenario, right? I propose to talk about other ways!

6 ways to catch and kill a mosquito

Mosquitoes are very insidious and dangerous creatures. Besides the fact that they bite painfully, they still spread various viral diseases and are dangerous to human life.

There are about 35 thousand species of these parasites, 6% of which drink human blood. But even these six percent create a lot of problems for us, especially if they started their hunt at night, and prevent us from falling asleep.

How to kill mosquitoes at home, at night, when you almost fall asleep, and do not want to disturb the household? The situation is very unpleasant, because the mosquito disturbed your sleep, bit painfully, and even the place of the bite itches.

And if there are small children in the house, then night bites can be a serious problem, because the child can not sleep, cries, and in the morning all open parts of the body turn out to be swollen and red. This is best if the child is not allergic. We hope you can use our tips on how to kill a mosquito.

How to get rid of annoying mosquito

Those who didn’t fall asleep in the evening before the buzzing blood-sucker appeared would agree that mosquitoes have now become much smarter. Previously, it was enough to turn on the light sharply and slam it while he drinks blood.

Now, in the light, the insect quickly disappears, randomly rushing around the room, it becomes impossible to quickly catch a mosquito.

The current mosquitoes get into the room in the dark, fly to a source of high temperature, not only through windows, but also through ventilation. Some “victims” claim that even on the ninth floor these creatures “climb” into the elevator!

There are ways to find a mosquito in a dark room:

  • attract him with light;
  • vacuum clean;
  • draw a flashlight;
  • become a bait for him;
  • kill on the wall;
  • catch in a glass.

Each of the options is worthy of attention.

To the light

When it’s dark outside, mosquitoes like to fly into the light, so you can turn on the lamp sharply, see and kill the mosquito at night, before it has time to react.

The lamp must be used ordinary, not LED or sodium. Act with lightning speed, if there are 1-2 pieces in the room, then you can handle them quite like that.

A vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is also useful in such cases. It is one thing that getting it out of the pantry at night will not work quickly. But, if you are still awake, just turn on the vacuum cleaner and pull the insect inward, this way you can easily catch a mosquito on the ceiling, high on the wall or behind a cabinet.


A flashlight near the bed in the summer is also useful.To do this, you must leave open some part of the body, direct a flashlight at it. One arm should be free to strike.

Sharply turn on the flashlight, direct it to the part of the body that serves as bait, when the bloodsucker sat down, we kill with a sharp movement. Perhaps this method of catching a mosquito at night is more effective than with the light on.


You can also become a bait yourself. Release one hand for cotton, wait for the mosquito to sit on you, and slam it.


To find a mosquito at night on the wall, you can also turn on the lamp or light, well, and then you can already slam it with a newspaper or a rag, a palm will do. You can also quickly cover it with a glass, slip a sheet under the glass - the parasite is trapped!

For the proboscis

Some craftsmen argue that if you sharply stretch the skin in the place where the mosquito nibbles, it will turn out to be "caught by the nose", will not be able to escape and burst from the pressure of the drunk blood. This method requires great agility and experience.

How to find and kill a mosquito

Mosquitoes are quite insidious and agile creatures, capable in some cases of breaking through all obstacles! Even if you have protective nets on the windows, and you use other mosquito repellents in the house, as practice shows, still several mosquitoes manage to sneak into the house and arrange night tyranny with their buzzing and biting.

Attraction with light

Mosquitoes, like many other insects, are attracted to light, so if you hear a buzzing at night, acting in the dark makes no sense.

Turn on the flashlight or lamp, so a spot of light will appear in your room that will help you quickly find a mosquito in the room, and you can slap it.

To successfully and correctly kill a mosquito, you need to know that they do not fly on sodium lamps or LED lights, as well as special yellow insect lamps. They are best used as protective night lighting.

A vacuum cleaner

How to kill mosquitoes at home if they are in a remote place? A fairly original method, which, however, is very effective. If you notice a mosquito in the room, it’s much more convenient to try to kill it by simply pulling it into a vacuum cleaner.

The main thing is to sharply point the hose of the vacuum cleaner to its victim, so that the mosquito does not have time to fly away. By the way, this method will help to destroy mosquitoes that are stuck on the ceiling or at the top of the walls, where you can not get your hand.

Become the bait

How to kill a mosquito at night in the dark? If the mosquito makes its attack at night, when you have already gone to bed, and you don’t feel the strength to wage a full fight, you will have to take the risk.

Turn over on your side and cover the whole body with a blanket so that only one half of your face remains unprotected. The main thing is to put your hand in a comfortable position so that at the right moment you can quickly get it out of hiding and strike.

Then you need to listen carefully for a while. The mosquito will fly around and its itch will tell you how far it is.

Flying a little above you, the mosquito will understand that the danger does not threaten him and land on the open half of his face, most likely on the cheek. Focus will help you feel his bite.

Wait another second and deliver a sharp and confident blow. Enough to kill an insect, but one that doesn't hurt you.

Glass trap

If you do not want to destroy mosquitoes, but still do not intend to tolerate their company, try this most humane method. Mosquitoes most often sit on the walls.

Find the location of the mosquito. If you cannot find a mosquito on the wall, lean one side of your face against the wall to see it in another plane. So you can better notice the bloodsucker.

Take a glass and slowly approach it. With a sharp wave of your hand, cover the mosquito with a glass and insert a sheet of paper under it so that the trap can be moved.And then dispose of the fate of the captive at your own discretion, you can just let him out.

There are many ways to help you quickly catch a mosquito in the apartment, but most of them come down to simply slamming the tools at hand, we tried to tell you more interesting and original options. Catching a mosquito at night is not difficult if you turn on your imagination.

How to catch a mosquito in a room at night

With the advent of the spring-summer period, not only the season of frequent walks in nature begins, but also many inconveniences, problems.

And the thing is that there are insects that bother us very much and create a lot of discomfort. We are talking about mosquitoes.

Humanity has always known about them, only they were called differently. Their distribution on the continents was caused by geographical discoveries. They fell into other territories through the water in barrels.

And since the insect larvae develop in water, there were no difficulties in transportation or adaptation.

Now they are distributed throughout Europe, America, Africa. There are several types of mosquitoes that can live in certain climatic conditions, and some species are completely picky about the conditions.

Features of a bloodsucker mosquito

Mosquito - an insect, annoying, feeding on the blood of warm-blooded. The constant buzzing can easily make even the calmest person nervous.

And mosquito bites can not only cause discomfort, but also provoke an allergy. This is especially unsafe for young children.

All this can be justified if you walk on the street. But it’s another matter if you are bitten by a mosquito in your house, apartment. Moreover, the windows are closed, and if they are open, then there is a mosquito net. The question arises: where do mosquitoes come from?

An interesting point biting a mosquito is the female. Because male mosquitoes eat exclusively nectar of flowers. Females lay eggs on the surface of the water, and after some time adults appear.

Larvae are adapted to life in water, so moisture for a mosquito is exactly what you need. A dangerous type of mosquito is a malaria mosquito. He is a carrier of a very dangerous disease - malaria. After a bite, you need to urgently go to the hospital.

What is the danger from mosquitoes

When a mosquito bites, red spots appear in that place. Over time, they can increase, as if inflated become. There is severe itching and redness.

Mosquito bites are very painful and can cause a person a number of allergic reactions. Very susceptible to this are small children. In them, not only this can cause a certain reaction of the body, but also bites heal for a very long time.

An insect bite can cause fever, rash. Also, this insect is a carrier of very dangerous infections.

First of all, after a mosquito bite, when the wound does not heal for a long time, you should definitely consult a doctor. This is especially serious with children.

First aid for a bite is the following:

  1. you can not comb the affected area;
  2. can be treated with ammonia or ice, in the absence of ice cold water is well suited;
  3. in pharmacies there are funds after mosquito bites, the budget option is the well-known Zvezdochka.

When you purchase drugs intended for use after a mosquito bite, carefully read the instructions. It is especially important that you sat down while expecting a baby, you will use it for the baby, and are sensitive to certain drugs.

Affected pregnant women from mosquito bites are recommended to consult a doctor. After all, a bite can provoke premature birth or the use of drugs after a bite.

How do mosquitoes get into the apartment

This question worries those who carefully monitor that no harmful insect gets into the house. If your windows were wide open, not protected by a mosquito net, then the answer to the question is clear.

But if all the protective equipment is there, and the insect flew into the room, then it is not clear how this happened. There are several answers to this question:

  • A mosquito can enter a house when a person enters or exits. Do not be sure that insects do not sit on your clothes. On the contrary! In this way, you can bring a mosquito or other insect to your house. Or through the front doors. It can be dark at the entrance, but then the light appeared in the doorway, and for a mosquito it is a signal that you can fly there. They are very agile and to get to your room they need a couple of seconds.
  • The presence of a mosquito nest in the home. The ideal habitat for this pest is a humid environment. They feel beneficial in places where it is very humid. Such places may be an attic where water is stored, a basement, etc. In a private house, the situation is much more complicated. Since the area itself can be favorable for mosquitoes. And if this is an apartment, then the main distributor of mosquitoes is the basement.
  • A mosquito can live directly in your apartment. As we have said, stagnant water attracts an insect. With constant humidity in the room or the presence of open containers with water, mosquitoes will appear in the room. They may also be in the bathroom or through ventilation.
  • Mosquitoes can fly through a stuffing box (ventilation pipe) in the bathroom or kitchen. It is very important to clean the ventilation pipes. With the help of cleaning, you will not only get rid of the accumulation of dust and fat, but also from many insects. Grates can be covered with gauze to prevent mosquitoes from entering basements or sewers if it is close to your windows.
  • The insect can fly into the pronounced smell of sweat. This is the first thing that attracts a mosquito in a person. And especially female mosquitoes. For them, an important point is to feed on food and breed. And they are bloodthirsty and will until the last drink blood from an animal or person.
  • Balcony and window cracks. When there are old windows and the balcony has not been seen for a long time, cracks are inevitable. So, through them any small creature will get to visit you. In this case, you need to apply measures to eliminate this problem. Insulate the balcony by blowing all the cracks or change the frame, windows, glass.
  • Insects can live in a dwelling for a very long time. And even though you try to use any methods of prevention or elimination. An ideal place for them would be a bathroom, kitchen, toilet. They can hide well in dark places: corners of rooms, dark wardrobes, under beds or a sofa, on dark surfaces. During the general cleaning, try to clean everything as much as possible, ventilate the room.

If you are walking by the river or in the park, or maybe just not far from such a place, then the option that the mosquito will come home with you more than one hundred percent.

The mosquito reacts to a sweet smell, dark clothes or surface. Therefore, try not to wear dark things in the evening and do not smother with sweet aromas.

The stroller with the child can be sprayed with lemon juice with cloves so that mosquitoes do not sit on it and hide in secluded corners. This combination does not so much affect the sense of smell receptors and is more pleasant for the child.

And then there will be no constant thought of where the mosquitoes come from in my apartment and what to do with them. But, if such a pest is already wound up and interferes with sleep, then action must be taken to eliminate the irritant.

Prevention methods

First of all, check for open windows or windows. If you can not live with windows constantly closed, then worry about installing a quality mosquito net. It will be the first obstacle to the mosquito.

There are times when there is no way to put the grid. There are other ways to this option. Indoor flowers. An ideal option would be geranium or tomatoes.

Mosquitoes do not tolerate a pungent odor and try to stay away from such places. Putting geranium on the windowsill with an open window will be an excellent choice if you want cool fresh air and absolutely do not want uninvited guests.

Regarding odors, the smell of citrus is also unfavorable. Especially the lemon. Putting it in a room or on a windowsill, adding cloves, mosquitoes will immediately start to run away and will not want to fly into your rooms.

You can arrange aromatherapy with clove oil or eucalyptus. This is also a good way to eliminate mosquitoes indoors. You can still use camphor oil, but do not get too carried away with this product, as there may be health complications.

A small container with cedar oil can be placed on the windowsill. It is not only good against mosquitoes, but also against flies, cockroaches.

Today, there are many ways to fight insects. Folk methods are good in their action. But when using odors, you need to take into account the fact that they can be intolerable for you. Therefore, act so as not to harm you.

As the prevention of mosquitoes - disinfection of the basement and attics. This is one of the surest ways. Especially if there are real mosquito swarms disturbing the inhabitants.

Even in the private sector, you need to periodically disinfect your premises, cellars, cellars, sheds and attics. This will help to ensure a calm sleep and a healthy body.

How to deal with mosquitoes

Use different flavors. We talked about them above. Eucalyptus oil, cloves, cedar, as well as tomatoes, citrus fruits and geraniums help in the fight against mosquitoes.

They can be used not only on window sills near windows, but also in rooms where you sleep. You can put a small amount of oil on a napkin or saucer and put it near the bed. Oil can be used in candlesticks for aromatherapy. But look at the personal tolerance of odors.

You can buy an electric fumigator or a mosquito coil. These funds can be purchased at any store. They can be in liquid form or in the form of platinum. They are easy to use.

You need to insert the device into the outlet and that's it. The liquid or platinum contains substances that, when evaporated, emit a poisonous smell for mosquitoes and contribute to their destruction. The action of the electofumigant is quick.

Within two hours, you can already forget that you had mosquitoes. But it is worth noting that the pairs that are released from the device adversely affect the human body.

Therefore, you should adhere to the operating instructions and put it only with the windows open in the room. When the fluid runs out, you can use eucalyptus oil. It is as effective as a chemical.

Anti-mosquito coils can be used directly in the open. That is, on the street. It is very convenient when you relax in nature. The operation of the device is the same as in the electofumigator, but only without liquid.

As an option to combat mosquitoes - bullying them in the basements. Why in the basement? Because it is there that mosquitoes can wait out the cold seasons and breed.

When it comes to high-rise buildings, disinfection of basement paving must be mandatory several times a year. Especially before the summer and spring.

After disinfection, you can get rid of all sorts of parasites that can enter the living room through ventilation or sewage.

You can call a special service that deals with this. After collecting the signatures of the residents of the house and apply.

And you can contact the ZHEK so that they conduct such robots. But not only the basement needs to be disinfected, attics should also be attributed to such treatments. Since they are also a source of the spread of mosquitoes and all kinds of insects.

Sewerage repair.This range of work is important not only to improve the drainage system, but also as work to eliminate pests.

Sewerage is not only an environment of dangerous bacteria and microorganisms, but also a great place with an attractive smell for mosquitoes. There they will definitely find comfort and coziness for themselves. And it is from there that they can get into the house and begin their action there.

When fighting mosquitoes, pay attention to all possible options for getting into your apartment. Remove as much as possible. Do not forget that the most elementary methods can help much more effectively than anything else.

Wide open open windows without a mosquito net, sources of constant moisture, leaky windows and a balcony, living in places near the river, lake, sedimentation tanks, sewers provoke the appearance of mosquitoes in your apartment.

How to catch a mosquito in a room at night

It is not so easy to get rid of a mosquito, a small but persistent enemy. Mosquitoes and midges annoy us not only in the country or on a country trip. They buzz in a city apartment. The reason for this is either a damp basement or wet places in squares and parks.

Here are some popular recipes for repelling mosquitoes:

  1. Take 5 g of cloves in a glass of water, boil for 15 minutes. Mix 10 drops of broth with a tablespoon of any cologne and wipe the exposed areas of the body. You can walk calmly for 2 hours: mosquitoes and midges will fly around you.
  2. The deterrents include the smell of valerian, tobacco smoke and smoke from slightly dried needles of juniper, pine or spruce cones, camphor. One hundred grams of camphor vaporized over the burner will save even very large rooms from flies and mosquitoes.
  3. In antiquity, a decoction of the roots of wheatgrass, one of the most common weeds, was used to scare away mosquitoes and other bloodsucking insects.
  4. You can use finely chopped fresh leaves and flowers of bird cherry or basil.
  5. The smell of cloves, basil, anise and eucalyptus also repels mosquitoes. Any of the oils of these plants can be used for protection - it is enough to lubricate exposed skin, or drip oil on a fire source - in a fireplace, bonfire, on a candle or a heated frying pan. Tea tree oil can also be used as a repellent; quickly eliminates itching and swelling of the skin after insect bites.
  6. Plant an elderberry under the windows of your house. Bring fresh elderberry branches to the rooms, they scare away mosquitoes. You can make a bed with tomatoes under the windows; mosquitoes cannot stand the specific smell of tomato leaves.
  7. If you decide to sit in nature, boil a samovar on pine or fir cones or throw in a fire slightly dried juniper needles.
  8. In order not to bite bugs, mosquitoes, flies, midges, gadflies, forest ticks, lubricate all exposed parts of the body with fish oil.
  9. An old folk remedy for mosquitoes is feverfew (Persian, Dalmatian or Caucasian chamomile). Dried inflorescences, stems and leaves of these types of chamomile, crushed into powder, affect the nerve cells of insects. Mosquitoes do not dare to fly into a room treated with pyrethrins.
  10. The smell of cedar oil repels not only mosquitoes, but also flies and cockroaches.
  11. Carboxylic acid is very helpful; it is enough for the night to sprinkle a little with it on the wall near the bed, at the head of the bed, moisten with a slightly weak solution of the hand, face, to sleep then calmly, without fear of attack.

The mosquito bite causes itching, which can be removed with a solution of drinking soda (0.5 teaspoon per glass of water), ammonia or a pale pink solution of potassium permanganate.

Well-relieved pain and itching from a bite slightly crushed fresh leaves of bird cherry or mint. But still, it’s better to prevent mosquito bites at all than to deal with their consequences.

How to catch a mosquito

The main trouble in the form of bites, fraught not only with allergies, but also with dangerous infections, mosquitoes deliver to people outdoors.

However, bloodsucker females in search of prey penetrate into human dwellings, even despite the protection in the form of mosquito nets.

The annoying ringing of one or more mosquitoes in the silence of the night can drive anyone crazy. How to catch a mosquito in a room if a winged vampire has entered the territory of two-legs and thirsts for human blood?

How to catch a mosquito in a room without using high technology

The fight against flying blood-sucking insects in recent decades has reached a new technological level. Scientists have developed compact room traps that emit carbon dioxide and organic attractants, mimicking the presence of a warm-blooded living creature.

The mosquito takes the trap for prey, forgets caution and is drawn into the trap body by an air pump. This is undoubtedly the best way to combat harmful insects, eliminating the use of toxic insecticides and not requiring human intervention. It is enough to turn on the device in the network and leave the room so as not to distract the attention of mosquito females on themselves.

But such devices, even with their affordability, are far from all. How to catch mosquitoes that entered the house using traditional grandfather methods?

The simplest method is prompted by an old tale - “with one blow of seven.” It is difficult to kill a brisk mosquito in the air with the clap of your hands, but insects do not spend all their time in low-flying flight and often sit on walls, ceilings and other surfaces.

A newspaper, magazine or fly swatter is an excellent tool for exterminating mosquitoes sitting on the wall. An electric fly swatter is also suitable, which is enough to lightly touch the pest.

In Soviet times, the method of combating mosquitoes with a vacuum cleaner was popular. Nothing prevents us from using it now. Mosquitoes drawn in are guaranteed to die in the dust bag.

Catching mosquitoes with a yeast bottle

These methods require the active participation of a person. You can try to minimize physical effort and material costs by constructing a primitive mosquito trap from a plastic bottle. That's just its effectiveness remains in question.

The trap is arranged like this. A standard plastic PET bottle with a capacity of 1.5 or 2 liters is taken. At the level of 2/3 of the bottle height, a neat cut is made.

The upper part with a neck is removed. The screw plug is completely removed, or a hole is made in it, into which a mosquito can penetrate.

Warm water is poured onto the из part from the bottom of the bottle, sugar, and brewer's yeast are poured. Then the cut off “head” of the bottle is lowered neck down. So that it does not fail, it can be fixed with pins, adhesive tape or other improvised means.

Everything, the trap is ready. Within half an hour, brewer's yeast begins to ferment, releasing carbon dioxide, attractive to female mosquitoes.

According to the idea of ​​unknown inventors, insects should rush into the bottleneck, penetrate the trap and die there from concentrated vapors of ethyl alcohol, which is formed during fermentation.

Practice, however, shows that mosquitoes are reluctant to fly to such handmade baits. Moreover, some of them manage to slip back out of the bottle.

The disadvantages of homemade traps are also the strong smell of mash, which they spread, as well as the need to constantly clean the neck of accumulated foam.

Mosquitoes interfere with sleep at night

How to escape from mosquitoes without chemistry Summer, warmth, nature, heat, warming sun, you can sunbathe, the sea, everything is healthy and pleasant, except for one!

So much getting mosquitoes in the evenings and especially at night, how to get rid of them, this question torments many in the summer!

Means without chemistry

  • Means 1. We make a mosquito repellent cream. Necessary ingredients: Baby cream (not expired) - 1 tube of Vanillin - 3 powders. And now squeeze the cream into a jar, pour out all the vanillin and mix well. You will smell like a bun, but mosquitoes do not like this smell for some reason. The recipe is used by the northerners and says that it saves them well from the hated vampires.
  • Means 2. We prepare a mosquito repellent from aromatic oils Essential ingredients: Vegetable oil - 50 ml Tea tree aromatic oil - 30 drops Clove aromatic oil - 5 drops Place all of the above in a dark glass bottle, mix well. This product is suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Means 3. We prepare a spray from mosquitoes with essential oils. Necessary ingredients: Ethyl alcohol - 10 ml Ordinary water - 100 ml Aromatic oil (for example, lavender) - 10 drops. All of the above components are poured into a bottle with a spray. If necessary, we use it to treat the premises, clothes before meeting mosquitoes.
  • Means 4. Herbal remedies for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes do not like the smell of basil. This is stated by researchers from Kenya. To escape from mosquitoes, you need to plant a basil around the house or put in a cache-pot.

The smell of chamomile also repels mosquitoes. It is enough to pick a bunch and scatter indoors. Mosquitoes do not like the smell of tomato tops.

To do this, break down stepsons from tomato bushes and place them in a room in the country. You can plant several bushes in pots and use them to repel mosquitoes.

Mint is also not loved by mosquitoes. If you rub the skin with mint leaves, for some time protection from mosquitoes is provided. You can pick up fresh mint and put such a bouquet on the windowsill.

Getting rid of mosquitoes at home

The easiest way to get rid of mosquitoes is to use a protective mosquito net. On sale there are mosquito nets on the windows, cribs, ventilation holes. This method of protection is ideal if there are small children in the house.

A reliable and proven way to combat mosquitoes are chemicals - fumigants and repellents. Fumigators (Raptor, Fumitox, Raid, Moskitoll) destroy mosquitoes.

They are ideal for indoor use. Among fumigators it is better to give preference to models with liquids, rather than plates. It is better to set the record on fire with a match, extinguish the fire and bring it steaming around the room.

In no case do not use special street spirals and sprays in the room. Repellents (Deta-prof, Taiga, Mosguitall, Off, Gardex) mosquito repellents can be produced in the form of aerosols, sprays, pencils, spirals, bracelets, scented candles. Repellents are ideal for use in nature.

Eight popular ways to protect against mosquitoes

  1. The attack of bloodsuckers can be prevented with the help of essential oils of eucalyptus, anise, cloves, basil. Oil the cotton pads and spread them in the vicinity of the berth or use an aroma lamp.
  2. Cut off the extra elderberry branches and place them in a vase of water. The smell of fresh elderberry perfectly repels harmful insects.
  3. The best mosquito repeller is a tomato leaf. It is enough to put on the window two pots with bushes of tomatoes, and mosquitoes do not even fly up to the windows. Do not think that this method of protection is suitable only in the country. Tomatoes can also be grown in a city apartment. Ideal for growing in the room a tomato variety "balcony miracle." It is compact, the height is not more than 60 centimeters, does not require tying and pinching, it can be grown in an ordinary pot, can bear fruit for 2 years. Here you have a crop of up to 2 kilograms from a bush and sewn from mosquitoes at the same time. Although there are other varieties of indoor tomatoes ("Room Surprise", "Arctic Cherry", "Micron-MK").
  4. Reliable protection from insects will provide vanilla. The best option is to put a vanilla pod under the pillow, wrapping it in a paper towel. If the pod is not found, then dilute the vanilla powder in warm water (1 teaspoon per liter of water) and sprinkle the furniture with a solution, first pouring it into the spray bottle.
  5. Attach thin strips of foil to the ceiling lamp: when moving under the influence of wind, shadows will walk along the walls and ceiling of the room, which will scare mosquitoes.
  6. Hang yellow curtains on the windows that mosquitoes cannot tolerate, and unsolicited guests will not fly into the apartment. Perhaps this advice may seem strange to you.However, the Sanitary Council of the US Army conducted an experiment on the effect of paints on mosquitoes. They took several boxes and painted them in different colors, and then they counted how many mosquitoes settled on them. The results of the experiment showed that the maximum number of mosquitoes settled on blue boxes, then on brown, red, only 2 on white, and yellow boxes were completely ignored by mosquitoes. Therefore, the yellow color repels them.
  7. Dry and place the leaves, stems and flowers of Caucasian chamomile (feverfew) around the house. Where there is this smell, the mosquito does not even poke - it has been tested for centuries! After all, as it turned out, Caucasian chamomile is one of the oldest ways to deal with this insect. You can also buy pyrethrum powder in a pharmacy, sprinkle it on strips of paper greased with starch paste.
  8. Among the plants of fighters with bloodsuckers, wormwood, thyme, and wheatgrass are excellent. Collect fresh plants in bunches, tie them up and hang them in various places at home. Helps scare away mosquitoes and geranium flowers.

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  1. Mosquitoes in a room are a nightmare. to sleep peacefully, I turn on the electric fumigator for the night and insert the anti-mosquito plate. Effectively after 10 -12 minutes. I leave it turned on all night, only I open the window and mosquitoes do not bother.

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